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Dine In Brooklyn… It Ain’t Over Yet

Dine In Brooklyn… a great chance to try new restaurants with wonderfully priced and arranged Lunch and Dinner Prix Fixe Menus.


The first week just ended… the second week is about to begin. Make your reservations now!

Home Security: Meet “HomeBoy”

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.05.05 PMSecurity is a feeling that many of us strive to achieve… no matter that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics predicts that this is ultimately a fool’s errand… but nonetheless, or perhaps because we instinctively know this, we constantly search for ways to feel more in control and more secure.

Hoping to help us in this goal is a new product, called HomeBoy. A new security camera system, vaguely reminiscent of Wall-E’s love interest EVE, that boasts ease of use and multiple functions beyond just a simple security camera.

My only question is if you have an apartment full of wooden furniture and drywall, how exactly do you use the magnetic mounting feature?


Millionaire’s Matchstick – 432 Park Avenue

432 Park AvenueStabbing shockingly high into the midtown skyline, and having just reached its full height of 1396 feet just this past Friday, is 432 Park Avenue.

Is this a stunning new architectural addition to our constantly changing city, or a new reminder of how far the gap has grown between the majority of New Yorkers and the very few super-rich who can afford to live in this new building? But if the latter option feels true, isn’t that how NYC has always evolved, pushing itself forward with new money and new heights, and then ultimately recalibrating itself after time? What do you think?


Third Stage of the High Line Now Open!

Third Stage of High Line Now Open


This week the Third Major Stage of the High Line has finally opened. A terrific success at every step of its transformation from elevated train line to public park, the High Line already receives over 5 million visitors a year. This third major stage curves west toward the water and will showcase new design elements. At the end of 2015 a fourth and final stage, a small spur along W 30th Street, will be unveiled and the High Line will be complete.

Make sure to enjoy this new section soon, as we are now definitely out of Summer and slowly drifting into Autumn.

Oyster Week in NYC: September 11th thru 28th


New York Oyster Week is a celebration the oyster’s considerable and extraordinary role in the history, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of New York.

New York Oyster Week can be enjoyed at a curated collection of oyster centric events or at the many distinguished participating restaurants.

Each September, New York Oyster Week presents opportunities to gather and enjoy oysters in exciting and engaging events of all sizes and shapes. The events are created to cater to the tastes and geographies of enthusiasts and the curious alike. The other half of the Oyster week experience takes place in an impressive collection of distinguished New York City restaurants. The chefs and proprietors of marquee fish houses, raw bars and oyster friendly venues will serve up their take on the oyster with a featured Oyster Week oyster themed menu item or pairing.

Bodega Cats: In Their Own Words

Bodega Cats… those strange felines slinking around the aisles of your corner store, hiding behind stacks of drinks and lounging on boxes of cereal, ostensibly there to protect against the rats we all pretend don’t exist anymore, but probably just there to keep the bodega owners and customers entertained.

They have a unique vision of NYC… and here it is, in their own words: