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The 56th Annual Park Slope House Tour – May 17th

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The 2015 Park Slope House Tour, a self-guided tour organized by the Park Slope Civic Council, will take place Sunday, May 17, from 12 noon to 5:30 pm. Homes in different sections of Park Slope will be on view, with shuttle buses providing continuous service to pick-up and drop-off sites near homes. Ticket-holders will receive a handsome illustrated brochure describing the history and interior of each home.

Following the Tour at 6:00pm, there will be a lecture by local architect-historian Francis Morrone entitled “Brooklyn Landscapes: from Green-Wood Cemetery to Brooklyn Bridge Park,” (House tour tickets are required for that talk.) The House Tour funds the Park Slope Civic Council’s Grants Program. Your participation in the 2015 House Tour helps to ensure the funding of our 2016 grants, and for that we are most grateful.

Starting Point: Beginning at 12 noon on May 17, tickets will be sold (at a “last minute” premium price of $25), shoe covers will be available and House Tour brochures will be distributed at our starting point – Poly Prep Lower School, 50 Prospect Park West at 1st Street.

Information for members of the public:
Email: housetour@parkslopeciviccouncil.org
Telephone: 347.871.0477


Purchase Advance Tickets @ $20 online:
We work with NYCharities.org in this connection, so please click here to purchase tickets.

An Elevator Ride Thru NYC History

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You can now see a quickly shifting visual representation of Lower Manhattan over the last 500 years as you ride up the elevators at 1 World Trade Center. Specially designed elevators show a three-wall digital panorama of time lapse development, as the city grows and evolves over the years. This provides a new and fascinating way to see history as you travel upward in a new part of its ever changing skyline.

Bacteria Amongst Us – Microbiological Mapping of the NYC Subway System

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We live amongst bacteria. In fact, bacteria make up more biological mass than all the plants and animals on earth, and exist essentially everywhere on this planet regardless of how extreme the conditions may seem to us. In fact, it has been calculated that bacteria cells outnumber human cells in and on the human body by a factor of 10 to 1… we are a minority in our own selves.

Because of their prevalence and importance, scientists have undertaken a huge project of mapping the bacteria at every subway station in NYC. Our subway system is akin to a specialized test-tube that each commuter plays a factor in, creating the movement and growth of certain types of bacteria. To find out about the bacteria at your subway station, go here. To learn more about this fascinating project and how it could improve public health and help minimize the impact of possible biological terrorism, go here. And remember, there are more of them then there are of us… so best to know a bit about them.