Places to Get Drunk with Your Dog



Keep this in mind as you read the following list of bars… you are allowed to get drunk, but not your dog. Your dog needs to remain sober… because your dog has to drive you home later.

Here are a few great bars that allow you and your dog to hang out together:

  1. Levee – Williamsburg
  2. Bierstrasse – Harlem
  3. Bar Great Harry –  Carroll Gardens
  4. d.b.a – East Village
  5. Fulton Grand – Clinton Hill
  6. W 79th St Boat Basin Cafe – Upper West Side
  7. Mission Dolores – Park Slope
  8. Enid’s – Greenpoint
  9. Pine Box Rockshop –
  10. Bistro Chat Noir – Upper East Side

Do you have recommendations for other dog-friendly bars in your neighborhood?


The Pumpkin House Returns

In a city with many sparkling skyscrapers (of variable aesthetic interest) and a wealth of standard architectural forms from the past (the brownstone, the townhouse, the converted loft, the rapid-expansion tenement buildings, etc), it is a pleasure to come across a particular piece of real estate that does not fit into any typical category… a piece of architecture with an idiosyncratic personality… a building with its own distinct character… something like the Pumpkin House in Washington Heights. If you have not seen it before, then let me welcome you to come face to face with a truly strange cliff-side dwelling unlike anything else in the City.


Pumpkin House.png

How Long Should You Wait for the Train?

Everyone knows that “waiting”… for anything… is a frustratingly frequent situation in this short life of ours. Despite it being a common occurrence, it is nonetheless very likely to spark extreme existential despair when it must be endured. But how long should one wait? How long can one patiently wait while the bitter burn of forced inactivity eats away at your sense of self-efficacy?  And in particular, how long should one wait for the train in NYC? One man has done the statistical analysis to answer this difficult question, and you can find the answer here … but if you don’t want to wait for a new webpage to load… the answer is 11 minutes.

Next to be solved… how long should one wait for Godot?


Eating & Drinking at the Movies

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 1.01.02 PM

Syndicated: a new dine-in cinema located at 40 Bogart St in Bushwick

Filmgoers and foodies will be delighted to know there will be plates of delicious grub, booze and a comfortable 50-seat screening room. And that’s not even the best part—movie tickets cost $3 for single films and only $5 for double features.

You can watch 80s blockbusters as well as classic flicks while gorging on mouthwatering dishes like Popcorn-Crusted Fried Oysters, Hot fried Chicken Sandwiches and movie-themed cocktails. There will also be a hodgepodge of flavored gourmet popcorn and “artisanal snacks,” if you prefer traditional concessions, too.


h/t TimeOut